​​At Nandor sign frames, our light boxes are made in our factory at Clayton south ,Victoria.

Light boxes , Custom are made to your requirements  illuminated with either ,standard iron core ballast, electronic ballast, LED  or Fluorescent light bulbs.

Large light boxes

We use only the best electrical components complying to, Australian standards which are set to the minimum requirements... any thing less and your asking for trouble.

​​​Light Emmiting Diodes or commonly known as L.E.D's ,are classified as extremely low voltage.

There are a large range to choose from and the purchase cost, well... good units are expensive especially if your illuminating a large light box, and if your happy to put in cheap units in and its 4 metres off the ground and it fails its no longer cheap.

Flex face light box have a banner for the face of the light box, these are constructed quit different . We make an aluminium frame to tolerate high stress from wind and banner tension.The sail track is screwed into the face with the banner made taught with force to give the banner a ripple less face. We then enclose the frame in folded aluminium section covering the sides and face to make it appear seamless.

Flexface light box

Nandor Sign Frames light boxes

Nandor Sign Frames Custom Signs Light Boxes

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The outer shell of our Light boxes are made from extruded Aluminium for the longevity of the light box and the weight reduction. It is also makes installation easier and less load on the structure its being fixed to .

We use specialised aluminium extrusion on all standard type light boxes, which mostly use an acrylic or router cut slide in face. Single sided or double sided meaning their is acrylic either one sided or both sides.

Most single sided light boxes are attached through the back of the box, this is why we put a heavy gauge aluminium backing. This allows you to attach the light box to the structure through any part of the back of the box, providing you support the light box in the correct manner.

Meaning two screws down the bottom wont cut it. Double sided light boxes can be supplied with hangers or stand offs depending whats required.

Our light boxes have fully welded corners with either aluminium or steel sub frame, this all depends on there purpose in regards to lighting or mounting. Our light boxes are then sanded smooth and finish applied if required either powder coated or wet sprayed.

Large light boxes, these are classified to be 3600mm or longer which are normally made up in bolt together sections. These generally use polycarbonate  sheet for the face which is high impact and comes off a roll which is 2600 wide sheet. The other alternative is to use a Flexface light box.