Nandor Sign Frames

Factory 3,13- 17 Eileen road,

Clayton South, 

Melbourne ,

Victoria 3169


Phone 03 9547 0249

​Fax      03 9547 0363

Sign maker's and Metal Fabrication Kings garden" Blades Of Grass"

Made At Nandor sign Frames  sign maker for MDH Design Group

Office and Manufacturing




Custom products

Send us  your  information of what you require being, frame , light box , Channel letters ( 3D letters) or any other type of products. Tell us where it being placed ie ; on a wall ,in ground or where its required to go. This assist us in working out the structure of the product. We also take into account ,how  you would transport and install your product . 

Nandor sign frames sign maker is where all the guys and Wife works.  It's where you can mail, meet, or call us.

Its quite a busy plant as we are manufacturers,  

meaning we, cut, weld, grind and finish product,  into what you require ! not importers.


Where not the prettiest crew, but our care is in the finished product that you receive .

We only hire the best tradesmen ,in all the products that we develop and produce.

 If you requests a quote or other enquiries , we'll be glad to facilitate that. Just give us a ring  a call or use the contact form below.

Nandor sign frames, For custom signs, light boxes, Pylon signs , Directional Signs, 3D  Fabricated Letters or shapes  from  Steel , Aluminium , composite panel